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Welcome! I’m Jen, a certified Reiki master and natural clairvoyant. While I can’t meet with you in person, I’m excited to provide a Personal Aura Photo Reading and chakra reading session.

Through the magic of technology, I’m able to perform distance Reiki and use my intuitive gifts even when we’re not together physically. For our reading, simply send me a photo of yourself and I will carefully observe your energy.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am trained to perceive subtle energies and imbalances that may not be visible to the naked eye. I will assess the colors, layers and qualities within your aura and evaluate each of your seven major chakras.

– A detailed analysis of your aura and any blocked chakras I perceive.

– Recommendations for crystals, essential oils or lifestyle changes to promote balance.

– Answers to 1-2 questions by reading the energies and insights revealed through your photo.

My goal is to provide insight, guidance and empowerment even when we can’t meet face-to-face. Purchase your online reading today to gain clarity and understand how to better care for your holistic well-being. I look forward to doing your Personal Aura Photo Reading.

Here are some tips specific to getting your Personal Aura Photo reading:

  1. – Use a simple solid colored background for the photo, preferably white. Busy patterns or colors can distort the aura.
  2. – Take the photo outdoors on a sunny day. Natural sunlight energizes the aura making it easier to read. Avoid shadows.
  3. – Get a front-facing headshot that captures your whole head and shoulders. Don’t crop too closely.
  4. – Look directly at the camera with a relaxed, natural expression. Don’t smile too big or frown.
  5. – Take multiple photos to select the best one later. Varying your expression slightly can help capture your aura accurately.
  6. – Avoid editing or filtering the photo before sending for analysis. These can alter aura colors.
  7. – Send highest resolution, uncompressed file available (TIFF, PNG or high-res JPG). Lower resolution makes it harder to discern the aura.
  8. – If possible, take photo within 24 hours of having it read. Aura fades over time so the fresher the better.
  9. – Include any background context about what’s currently going on in your life when you submit it. This helps inform the reading.
  10. – Manage expectations around what’s visible from a photo vs in-person. Some aura layers may not be discernible.

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