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Lawren Harris: A Mystic Painter

Lawren Harris
Lawren Harris in his Vancouver studio

Late in 2022, I got offered to interpret the works of Lawren Harris from a visual artist Jon Sasaki I am grateful for this experience. Lawren Harris was a Canadian artist and Group of Seven member known for distinct Canadian landscapes. I was unaware of Harris’s paintings until after i read his artwork. Harris’s art showcases abstract landscapes and otherworldly scenes with radiating ethereal energy.

Harris’s Early Life and Education

Born on October 23, 1885, in Brantford, Ontario, Harris received his education in Toronto and Berlin. After beginning to study art in 1904, he was initially influenced by the European Post-Impressionists. However, his style changed dramatically in 1911, after a spiritual awakening that led him to explore theosophy and other mystical and occult beliefs.

Harris’s Spiritual Awakening and Interest in the Occult

In 1911, Harris experienced a spiritual awakening that led him to delve into theosophy and other mystical and occult beliefs. As I delved deeper into his life, I learned that Harris had a profound interest in theosophy and esoteric texts, as well as being an active member of various esoteric organizations, including the Society of Inner Light and the Rosicrucian Order. Through his involvement with these organizations, he sought to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm and explore the mysteries of the universe.

Harris’s Artistic Style and Themes

Despite his interest in the occult, he remained a respected member of the Canadian art community and was celebrated for his technical skill and emotional impact. Harris’s paintings from the 1910s and 1920s often feature abstract and mystical landscapes and otherworldly scenes, reflecting his interest in the occult. He continued to explore spiritual and philosophical themes in his art throughout his life, producing some of his most iconic and mystical works in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Mystical Significance of Harris’s Art

However To me, Harris’s works are not just beautiful paintings but also portals to the spiritual realm, offering a glimpse into his mystical worldview. Today, Harris is remembered as one of Canada’s greatest painters and a pioneer of modern Canadian art.

Exhibition for Art Windsor Essex, February 17-October 8, 2023, in conjunction with the touring show Homage, circulated by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Jon Sasaki please visit him he put this all together

Art Windsor Essex This is where this exhibit is please go and check it out!

Here are Photos from the setup:

Jon Sasaki and I working on the exhibit homage featuring Lawren Harris art work

Trees and Snow (aka Winter landscape) 1923 and 1950

The energy that resonates from this painting was so impactful. At the time i was reading the aura on this particular one. I had no idea that there was suppose to be another tree in this painting. For some unknown reason he painted over it, and on that side (right) there was no aura i could see.

Not only did he paint over the tree, he removed the energy from it! Therefore, leading me to believe he truly in every way did not want it to exist.

Lawren Harris Trees and snow (aka Winter landscape)

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