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Psychic Services: Tarot Card readings are just one of the Psychic Services we offer.
Psychic Services: Tarot Card readings are just one of the Psychic Services we offer. We also offer Image Readings, and Guidance. Find the answers your looking for, Book an appointment today!

Psychic Services That I Offer:

Below is a list of the Psychic Services we currently offer. This is not a compete list of our Psychic Services. If you are looking for something that is not on this list don’t hesitate to Contact the Psychic and inquire if is available.


Email Readings:

I offer a variety of packages for Tarot readings, and guidance. Those packages can be found at: Email Readings.

In Person:

Tarot Readings:

I will read for you with my Tarot cards and get answers for any questions that you ask, within the allotted time period for your appointment. You may get a general reading, or have me read for any important messages (things you need to know), or you can ask about things like love, money, career, what’s to come in the next month, or year, etc. What you choose to ask is up to you.

NOTE: I cannot give specifics for dates and times, nor can I give names. If the message does not come through in a way other than the Tarot cards, I cannot give such details.

Image Readings:

You can bring be photos of people or pets, and I can give you personality readings on them.

This can be very helpful when you want to know about someone before getting into a relationship with him or her. Finding out what a person is like before committing can save a lot of grief and pain that may have occurred without knowing. Good for personal relationships as well as business relationships.

Pet readings can sometimes gain perspective into what the animal is thinking or feeling, also sometimes the health of the animal comes through.


With my 25 years of experience guiding people, I use my psychic abilities to help you work through your problems. If you need to talk to someone, and/or want honest advice, I offer you my time to help you sort through your problems.


Please Note: You may combine any of the above Psychic services into one session. Sessions are based on time, not service.


Yes, I am available for parties. Book with me early if you want to make sure I am available for your next gathering.

(Pricing for parties will vary, and are based on time, location, and/or number of attendees.)

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