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How does Tarot, Energy, Frequency, Vibration and You Work?

Tarot Energy vibration

Three Words: Energy, Frequency, Vibration!

There are many hesitations for online readings and how they can possibly work… Three words: Energy, frequency, vibration!

Now for the long version: We all resonate on many different energy levels and vibrations. However, we are all connected. We are all one. When a cat purrs we can feel it, hear it and sometimes even see it. That has been proven to be an effective healing method for aches and pains and even our psyche. That vibration level is something we all strive for when we are down. Tarot strives to take that energy and place it in the cards as a tool to direct us where we need to go to achieve this comfort.

Buddha, Schrodinger, Edgar Casey and many others from many different walks life all basically say the same thing. Nothing is decided until we see it happen with our own eyes. Mediums, psychic, palm readers and other may have all different visions. Tarot readers are no different and cannot tell the future they can merely guide you and give you a possible future. Sending you down the path leading to a specific outcome. The outcome is what you decide, or see. Is the cat dead? Alive, or highly annoyed? You decide!

How Online or Email Energy Transmission Comes Through:

When you pick a number, ask a question, offer your birth date, we can pull this energy from the universe. That energy that resonate on your current energy level. This can guide you to a higher energy level or merely strengthen your current energy level, offer insight, support and healing when needed. We are energy practitioners and much like a doctor uses tools to heal, so do we! However, as all thing are connect in time and space, we can do it from anywhere across space and time.

We would love to help support and guide you through this crazy world we live in. With compassion, understanding and healing through the energy that surrounds us all!

For more in-depth material on Energy, Frequency and Vibration please enjoy the book: The Law Of One: Book I: THE RA MATERIAL By Ra, An Humble Messenger Of The Law Of One


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”


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Daily Oracle Card September 14 2022

I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.

Tom Hanks

September 14 2022

Don’t give up its just the beginning, your on your way, whatever is happening now its just a step along your way! Spend time meditating today and focus on your goals they will be on the horizon

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Daily Oracle Card September 13 2022

Full Moon in Taurus

Don’t worry if you’re making waves just by being yourself. The Moon does it all the time.

Scott Stabile

September 13 2022

Time to use the law of attraction to draw in what you want. By imagining it expecting it and welcoming it! Its also time to ground yourself and watch your finances. Attune yourself to the moon and nature, and let the positive energy flow.

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Daily Oracle Card September 12 2022

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

Mark twain

September 12 2022

With the queens passing, and the anniversary of 911 this card serves as a reminder this week to look with in, We need to release the negativity, and all the toxic emotions that your holding onto. This card also serves as a reminder that all is not lost! However you need to make adjustments to get to where you are going. Recent events need to be understood and accepted. A state of crisis may be on the horizon this week it serves to remind us to pay attention.

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