Individual Question Tarot Card Readings

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Individual Single Questions: Maybe you don’t want a whole reading and just have a few questions, with this package you can ask individual questions and save money!

Pay By The Question:

You will be given basic answers to each specific question that you ask.

Please be as specific as possible in your questions to receive the clearest answers possible.

Please do not ask double or triple questions in one. For example, “Am I going to date ‘Fred’, and will we get married and have kids?” If you ask such a question, only the first question will be answered unless you’ve paid for 3 questions for this 1 question.

You may pay for a maximum 10 questions at one time.

Upon payment, you must provide a valid email address in order to receive the reading(s) that you have paid for. Please fill out the form located at the bottom of the Purchase Of Service Confirmed page that comes up after payment is made.


Specific Question Readings:

Bernadette Poirier

About Bernadette Poirier

Bernadette Poirier is a gifted psychic living in the Windsor, Ontario area. She specializes in Tarot and has been providing readings for over 15 years. She also teaches a variety of workshops. So don't wait, book an appointment with her NOW! Read More About the Psychic »

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