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New! Email Readings!

Email Reading flying envelope

Email Readings Now Available!

Email Readings flying envelope
Email Readings. Get your Tarot readings, healings, psychic counseling and more through the convenience of email.

I just wanted to let you all know…

I am now available worldwide!

I can now offer email readings, healings, psychic counseling, and more!

I’ve put together a few packages to choose from, for your convenience. You can check them out here: Email Readings

The email readings are perfect for anyone who can’t physically come to see me, whether you’re ill, disabled, live in another part of the country or other part of the world, or whatever the reason.

I still offer the in-person readings for anyone in Windsor, Ontario, or who are planning to be in Windsor, Ontario. I also am still offering parties for the Windsor to Chatham area as well. So, if you are in the area, feel free to schedule an appointment with me and come see me.

For more informationor on Bernadette Poirier’s Reading go here: Bernadette Poirier: Email Readings…Or visit the SHOP!

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  1. Hi I’m wanting too come see you for a reading but am wondering if you can tell me something about me or my past that proves that you are the real deal before I set up an appointment with you plz

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