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Psychic Counseling

Psychic Counseling: Bernadette hold a clients hand.
Psychic Counseling: Bernadette hold a clients hand.
Psychic Counseling can help with your personal and emotional problems.
Psychic Counseling Sessions, 1 or 2 Hours

COST: $100/hr

Psychic Counseling is for when you need someone to talk to about your personal problems who will listen without judgment.

Allow me to use my psychic abilities to help to guide you through whatever is troubling you. I will help you to work through and solve your problems and emotional issues.

During a psychic counseling session, I will also ground you with my energy to give you the calmness and clarity that you need.

Psychic Counseling sessions will generally take place through real-time typed conversation, such as Facebook messenger texting, or email. For email counseling, the time will be calculated slightly differently to accommodate send/receive time. Sorry, I do not provide sessions via phone calls at this time.

Upon payment, you must provide a valid email address, and your Facebook name in order to receive the reading that you have paid for. Please fill out the form located at the bottom of the Purchase Of Service Confirmed page that comes up after payment is made.

For more informationor on Bernadette Poirier’s Reading go here: Bernadette Poirier: Email Readings…Or visit the SHOP!

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