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Why I Support Autism Ontario

As of 2014, and the start of Windsor Tarot,

In support of autism awarenenss, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Autism Ontario Windsor-Essex Chapter.

In support of autism awareness, a portion of all proceeds from my services will be donated to Autism Ontario’s Windsor-Essex Chapter. I am helping to support the local autism community.

I wanted to write up this short little blurb about why I am donating a portion of my proceeds to charity; specifically at this time to Autism Ontario Windsor-Essex Chapter.

As some of you may know already from some of my other writings, I have an autistic child. He is currently 13 years old. I also have 2 other children, one of which is showing signs of autism as well.

I support the Autism Ontario Windsor-Essex Chapter because all monies given to them stay within the community. They use the money donated to them to fund events for the autistic families living in the area to help give them outings and help, and sporting events for their autistic children. I have been lucky enough in the past to be helped out by this charity, and so have many others in the Windsor-Essex County area.

Autism Ontario’s Windsor-Essex Chapter holds (with funds raised) a summer party and a Christmas party each year. At those parties, they give to each family registered with Autism Ontario a gift card for things like groceries, or clothing; things that are needed. I have found those gift cards to be very helpful in times of great need.

I will, in the future, as my business grows, be supporting other local worthwhile charities. I am a strong believer that people in need should be helped, especially when it comes to our local communities. You have to think of your friends and your neighbors (your community) before you can reach out to help others. If your community is suffering, then so will you, but if you can help that community to strive, then you too will strive. For now, however, Autism Ontario Windsor-Essex Chapter is the only charity on my list for donating to, and for good reason.

My business is just starting out, so I only have a small amount set aside for them. At this time, I place $5 from every reading into a jar, to bring to Autism Ontario’s local office. I will be donating this money in the name of Windsor Tarot, my business. I do so not to gain recognition, but for the betterment of the care of those in our community. Also, it is to show that I am keeping to my word of donating this money. I have yet to donate what I have collected. Donations will be made once a minimum of $100 is reached; that number has not been reached yet.

Please, help me get my business off the ground so that I can help not only you by providing you with a psychic reading, but so that the autism community of Windsor and Essex County can also benefit. The more money I raise, the more charities will be donated to. Help that list grow.

Thank you!

Update: Proceeds from my services no longer go to fund Autism Ontario as of January 2018.

I do however still donate my time and services for charitable purposes.

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